Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ear to Tape

Right now in the CD deck is my personal NAS 19 tracks of greatness, tag'ed it "still i'll" (damn I should be a DJ) but here is some mixtapes you need to throw on the computer.

Tape: and then they played dilla
Artist: Charles Hamilton
SD's perspective:Charles Hamilton has been pushing out some great samples and lyrically the man is holding up strong. He connects with the people on this going deep like charles always does. If you weren't feeling him before this will not change your mind but solid tape for the hip hop heads. Also I attached runaway groom via def, charles samples some isley brothers.
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Tape: The Block Obama
Artist: Crooked I
SD's perspective: I like how crooked I has been coming a long. Lyrically sound and his delivery has been pretty solid. Honestly I haven't gave the block obama the full listen but swagger like crook was a solid single and his flow sounds on point. Worth a download overall.
Tape: The Bar Exam 2
Artist: Royce Da 5'9
SD's perspective: Overall Royce was Royce on this tape. Which is a good think sound lyrics and he delivered with the grimy Midwest lyrical content (Detroit stand up). I liked the tape but I think I speak for everyone when I say Royce needs to drop his album. Must listen on the tape is We Deep ft. fellow Detroit native Trick Trick.
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