Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gone for a minute.

Wow this weekend was just nuts. Gone for minute and I got a load of stuff to get well lets hit it up.
50 cent
New track from 50 produced by Scott Storch, this is pretty nice.
Download-Get Up-50 cent
Lil Wayne & Juelz
Juelz and Wayne go in on Leanin' Low. Cant feel my face is like big foot.
Download-Leanin' Low-Juelz Santana and Lil Wayne
Love Lockdown Video
Kanye drops the Love Lockdown video on...Ellen?

Did I drop acid or watch a music video....

The Mood Muzik remix mixtapes just made me pop back in the original version. That tape grows on me more and more with each listen. I've been feenin for some Eminem this last week...with that said one of my favorites.

Friday, October 3, 2008


Off the producer Dela's album comes Long Life.ZShare is fucked up while im posting this so here is just the mediafire version.


This next MC is out of Jackson, Michigan. He has recently dropped a tape called The Inflatable Hatebomb. Shado has a very solid flow, being white and from Michigan there is obviously guna be in a huge shadow you have to fight but he has his own style to fight it. Here at Ren Days we love to put on MC's from michigan but Shado is someone to defiently to keep an eye on.


Some of that smooth southern stuff Z-ro gives us. Still gangsta solid tape from Z-ro.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Royce is out for blood.

The product from Detroit is out for MC's heads right now. Royce is not fucking around right now.


New video from trick trick...Detroit in the house.


Here at ren days we love innovative people. This tape has been out for a minute but Rahsaan is someone you have to give a listen. With his unique flow, beats, and style Rahsaan bring his own style to hip hop. Hot stuff right here...

Darren Isiah.

Darren is a guy I got some high hopes for, recently caught my eye with Anti Social Mixtape Vol. 1. Darren has some solid flows that touch on topics and honestly this dude is crazy. He is a goof but at the same time he posses the talent many MC's lack in current hip hop. This guy Darren Isiah has talent but its real raw judging by his work right now. Keep an eye on this cat though.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Honestly I don't know where to start for today so im just guna try to line em' up and knock em' down...
Jake One.
As we know Jake One has his upcoming album coming soon, White Van Music. Over at Hip Hop DX there dropping a prelude to the album. Its got some new and some old, sounds nice.

Lowkey posted this up over at his place maybe the BP3 Track listing?
1. “Wake Up New York (Intro)”
2. “Most Kings”
3.“Hades (Lucifer part two)”
4. “Eternal Jewels” (feat. and prod. by Jay Electronica)
5. “Blueprint 3″
6. “Lucy” (feat. Chris Martin)
7. “The Audacity of Dope”
8. “S-L-U Part Two” (feat. Nas, Andre 3000, and Young Jeezy)
9. “Election Night (We Believe in Obama)”
10. “Just Memories”
11. “Apostate” (feat. and prod. by Eminem)
12. “Oasis”
13. “My Brothers Keeper” (feat. Scarface)
14. “Brooklyn Lost”
15. “Weeds and Concrete”
16. “Without Rain…”

C.H. Fight Club Vid.

Hot new tape hosted by DJ Holiday from scrappy.
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