Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Staff Devlopment Mixtape of the Week.

So I finally got to sift through Charles Hamilton's latest tape Staff Development. All I can say is wow, once again Charles brings some amazing production to this tape. I think hip hop has finally found a MC that listens to his fans. Some say Charles is arrogant, ignorant, and big headed. Well if he is all that, I personally wish more artist would be like that. He keeps in touch with the people everyday with his blog while he continues to put out music like a maniac. Charles is becoming something truly special to hip hop. His bars reach far past music delivering a message and Charles takes you further into his mind, making this game called hip hop his canvas.Staff Development is must have for any mixtape collection.
Shawn's Favorite Track: Air Conditioner

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CH drop that.

Charles drops staff development for us, got this up early than I expected.
Download-Staff Development

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Slow Mondays.

Mondays im slow to the flip because of school...
If I had to use a picture for them. Anyway here is four must here's surfacing since I've been working.

And luda drops the undisputed video...very nice track right there caped off with a vid.

Undisputed Official Video from Decatur Dan on Vimeo.

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Sunday, September 28, 2008


Charles being Charles another sick track coming from Staff Development due out this Tuesday.

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50 drops this from thisis50.com, this is nice...but he recorded it in Detroit with Dre and Em so you already know this was coming correct. Before I Self Destruct due out Dec. 8 2009.

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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Off paper trail T.I gives us I Know You Miss Me...smooth flow with this one.

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Navigating through the Block Obama and track 2 on the tape rappers ain't shit is one of the nicest and Crooked even said in a interview it was one of his favorites.

Download Rappers Ain't Shit

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Pap goes in on this track with Bun B and Chamill...track is fire solid production.

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Hustle Belvy.

We like to look for the MC's on the the down low. This next MC is from New York out of the northside. Hustle Belvy has a solid flow and some good lyrical content. Got a hold of his mixtape tonight and just let it played, his flow caught me off guard. Sometimes you just stumble across talent. You can download or give a listen to HB's Uptown Boy over at Datpiff here. Check Hustle Belvy out over at his myspace.

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BWS Vol. 5

Big ups to shake over at dopeboyz for posting the high quality stuff of the BWS Radio vol. 5

Download Here
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Weezy ESPN Blog.

Wayne the cheesehead? Damn, he speaks on Rodgers and a few other topics around sports (yea he even touches on Nadal) on his ESPN the mag blog...

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Game give hip hop history lessons on Baggage Claim off Black Wall Street Radio 5 (still looking for a download on that tape), overall solid track.

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Young Chris.

Went unnoticed by me and a few others this week was young Chris's mixtape now or never. I have yet give it a listen but drama is the host and the last few months YC has been coming correct. You can download Chris's tape over on his blog.
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Big Wiz

The main man for this week is straight out of the south side. He goes by the name Big Wiz and is bringing it back. The 23 lyrical wordsmith is here to play and he is the real deal. His production is top notch on his tracks and he brings a solid flow showing his roots. It looks as if mother Chicago has gave us another son of hip hop and he's here to stay. So keep an ear out for our man Big Wiz.

Check out Big Wiz at his Myspace for more...

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tracks and more.

Lupe gets on with Eva with this track. Be patient and fight through the eva part if you cant handle the R&B lol. I'll be damned if I let a lupe track go unheard here.

Like many im waiting on Luda to drop theater of the mind end of November is what it looks like here is his interview on street sweepers.

Speaking of wemix a hot track from the site...

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Ear to Tape

Right now in the CD deck is my personal NAS 19 tracks of greatness, tag'ed it "still i'll" (damn I should be a DJ) but here is some mixtapes you need to throw on the computer.

Tape: and then they played dilla
Artist: Charles Hamilton
SD's perspective:Charles Hamilton has been pushing out some great samples and lyrically the man is holding up strong. He connects with the people on this going deep like charles always does. If you weren't feeling him before this will not change your mind but solid tape for the hip hop heads. Also I attached runaway groom via def, charles samples some isley brothers.
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Tape: The Block Obama
Artist: Crooked I
SD's perspective: I like how crooked I has been coming a long. Lyrically sound and his delivery has been pretty solid. Honestly I haven't gave the block obama the full listen but swagger like crook was a solid single and his flow sounds on point. Worth a download overall.
Tape: The Bar Exam 2
Artist: Royce Da 5'9
SD's perspective: Overall Royce was Royce on this tape. Which is a good think sound lyrics and he delivered with the grimy Midwest lyrical content (Detroit stand up). I liked the tape but I think I speak for everyone when I say Royce needs to drop his album. Must listen on the tape is We Deep ft. fellow Detroit native Trick Trick.
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The Intro to It

So this is the prelude to what will be a epic hip hop/music blog. The name is Shawn D (add the D for power at least that's what chuck taught me), hails from the Midwest the melting pot, residing in metro Detroit, at the age of 18 he's been listening to hip hop/rock/blues and anything he can get his hands on since 1999 you do the math. The journey began with 15 dollars, K-mart, and the Marshall Mathers LP. The journey hasn't stopped since. The purpose of this blog is to help bring back something that was lost long ago, the true spirit of the hip hop and music in general. To help bring the vision J dilla once had and many have. If your down for the ride then im up for the hangover.

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